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Customizable ERP For Dubai Businesses

Our software is very adaptable. It can be altered to suit your particular business requirements. Custom fields are an option in ERP software. We now offer a VAT-enabled ERP solution in addition to customization. It has a straightforward user interface and is easy to learn.

You can employ any modules from the Elate ERP System UAE to fulfill your company's needs because it is a modular software system. The process of implementing an ERP system is quick and highly inexpensive.

ERP assists small and medium-sized enterprises around the world. ERP Dubai is the best option for new companies. Manufacturing, distribution, retail, services, education, health care, non-profit, agriculture, hospitality, and other industry verticals are just a few of the industries for which ERP was developed.

Both on-premises and cloud hosting options are available for simple and economical ERP solutions. An individual might host it on their computer or a server. ERP systems enable more than 300 languages and conveniently manage all business activities.

VAT-compatible Automated ERP programmes

The availability of a higher level of corporate visibility encourages speedier and more efficient departmental collaboration. Real-time business intelligence services enable a thorough grasp of organizational processes.

You can then take steps to reinforce any potential weak places by doing this. We have experience in various fields, including training, customer support, customization, installation, upgrades, and conversion.

We are quite proud of our service-oriented traditions and exemplary track record of client satisfaction.

ERP is straightforward, affordable, and simple to use because it can be hosted on a server, a mobile device, by a user, on-site, or in the cloud. ERP comes in a variety of versions depending on user needs.

Different versions of ERP are available for the industries of manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, non-profit, and education. ERP is designed for small and medium-sized organizations.

tailored to suit the requirements of various industries

Distribution And Wholesale

ERP software controls wholesale distribution by managing inventory and keeping track of stock in addition to handling accounting.

You can track stock with a different batch number and serial number. Each batch's expiration date may be within your better control.

Manufacturing Industry

ERP software is a tool used to organize and carry out work orders, track bills of materials, and manage warehouses, workstations, machines, operations, finished goods, raw materials, and other aspects of running a manufacturing company.

With the manufacturing module of ERP, you may maintain the bill of materials. Routine shop floor activity is recorded by the ERP manufacturing module.

Retail Businesses

You can measure, manage, and sell more while streamlining store administration, controlling inventory, managing customers, and increasing corporate profitability with a full-featured cloud ERP solution.

You can increase business productivity by improving inventory tracking, retail management, and customer management.This software is highly flexible so you can integrate it with any inventories for real-time management.

Healthcare Industry

With the ERP healthcare module, you can create a folder for each person and save all patients’ information. With Our product, you can easily access the patient's report at any time.

ERP Healthcare has a laboratory module with templates for documenting common lab tests. Reports like Appointment Analytics and Lab Test Reports can help you fully understand the activities.

Service industry

Management of the service industry becomes easier with ERP software. with you find your lead, customers. and you can make a subscription for customers.

You can maintain plans and appointments with this software. By providing a loyalty program you can maintain good customer relationships. ERP makes hosting and support services available to the service sector.

Education Institutes

You may control every facet of an educational establishment, from monitoring to assessment. In ERP, you may manage applications from a single location. Important files can be included, including images, transcripts of your academic work, and more.

It is a big duty to maintain track of student fee payments. The ERP's Fee module will also include information on the student's fees and their payment schedule.


ERP monitors water, soil, disease, and fertilizer. With your crops and fertilizers, ERP allows you to keep track of orders, invoices, and soil, crop, plant, water, and weather analytics.

You can create a custom planting, watering, and harvesting cycle with ERP agriculture. Additionally, it controls crop-harming diseases. By recording dates, and times for gathering, testing, and evaluating crops in a specific area, you can undertake plant analysis using ERP farm software.

Non-profit organization

ERP also oversees non-profit organizations by monitoring activities including membership, chapters, donations, events, and so on. Information about the founder, person, or organizer is stored in ERP. Volunteers are just as vital to NGOs as members are

With the aid of ERP Software for Non-Profit Organizations, billing and pricing are also made simpler.

Fully integrated VAT compliant ERP Software in Dubai, UAE enables small and mid-size companies to operate more efficiently and effectively.

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